Our Three Favorite Things about Shutters!

Our Three Favorite Things about Shutters

by LWW on July 16, 2012

Of all the wonderful window treatments to choose from, plantation shutters are one of the most expressive. Think about how even the materials can change the way these shutters affect a room – the elegance of dark walnut, the hint of country spring in honey maple hues, the chic playfulness of white painted slats. These shutters are all about context.

It’s no secret; we love modern white window treatments and are always looking for the neatest tiebacks, valances, and even curtain rods. We spent quite a bit of time looking through the newest range of blinds by Hillarys before we even realized they also carried plantation shutters. This got us to thinking about the fun little ways these classic window treatments are still so perfectly adapted to modern interior design.

Plantation Shutter Perfection

1. Environment Regulation – Wood is great at blocking out light, sound, and hot sun. Plantation shutters give you the perfect amount of control making them suitable for everything from bird watching to enjoying home movies. You can let the breeze in and keep the sun out, or leave them wide open to flood the room with light. Plantation shutters are versatile – not because they are super modern or complicated – but because they are so strikingly simple.

2. Maintenance – Like all window treatments, plantation shutters get dusty! They are easier to clean than curtains, though, so you could consider them the lesser of the two messes. We love Hillarys Blinds because of the easy to clean materials but plantation shutters come by their awesomeness naturally.

3. Durability – Buying new window treatments can get expensive as trends come and go. The classic beauty of plantation shutters can last a lifetime. High quality wood is easy to sand and refinish, paint, and repair. They will stick around as long as you want them to, and this longtime favorite is unlikely to fall out of style anytime soon.

If plantation shutters are on your “to-do list” already, consider this post a reminder to keep that interior design inspiration flowing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying new from a made-to-measure place like Hillarys or going hands on reclaiming vintage goods – plantation shutters are what you make of them.

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