Piper Duplex Apartment in West London

Piper Duplex Apartment in West London

by LWW on May 29, 2012

The beautiful riverside Piper Duplex Apartment has come a long way since it originally housed the North Thames Gas Board office and laboratory.

At its conception, it was unsurprisingly industrial but for the outstanding murals designed by renowned English printmaker John Piper – the very same John Piper responsible for the Baptistry window at the Coventry Cathedral.

Those murals are still standing (and look great!) but everything else has changed. The architects at Lifschutz Davidson upgraded the façade and converted the building to spacious apartments, earning a laundry list of awards for the innovative work.

The fresh apartment you see here is the contemporary work of interior designer Anneke Beckord. It wears the clean white interior and American oak floors like a brilliant badge of simplicity.

Furnishings and cabinets stand out in striking gray while maintaining a clearly modern design and flexible appearance. Rough charcoal artwork and subtle gold accents add the necessary touch of luxury.

Don’t forget the rooftop garden and brilliant parks within walking distance – the Piper Duplex Apartment is a white design dream set in a very unique location as unique as its history.

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