Private House in Avila Spain

Private House in Avila Spain

by LWW on February 24, 2011

The generously portioned private House in Avila may look like a classic a-cero from the outside – but the unique contemporary interior tells a different story – one of culture, history, and reverence for the surrounding Spanish countryside.

Each room incorporates a different element from the environment in which it stands.
A cozy great room with natural wood echoes the nearby tree groves; the walls are split along a horizontal axis: the top half is exposed stone, lined with small mounted deer skulls. The rest of the room is classic white design – smooth ivory walls and a magnificent fireplace. An oversized rough table increases the hunting lodge mood but clean modern furniture keeps it up-to-date. An even larger gathering room takes a different approach, and uses paintings to add floral color to the white living space. Neutral furniture, the constant of this white home, echoes the soft palette of the landscape paintings. Indirect lighting opens the ceilings and softens textures throughout the house, especially in the kitchen, which features clean, sharp surfaces and uses no hanging light fixtures.

Serene and private, the House in Avila seems to be a mixture of the fantastic and the practical – lacking nothing in terms of whimsical subtleties, certainly a far cry from ordinary but still a sensible modern space.

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