Private White House in Tinos Greece

Private White House in Tinos Greece

by LWW on November 25, 2010

This private white house located in Tinos, Greece was designed by Zege architects paying every amount of respect to the surrounding architecture of the area. This stunning white space is the vacation home of its brilliant interior designer, Marilyn Katsaris.

The soft edges and brilliant natural tones create a sense of serenity as you pass easily from one area of this white home to the next. The carefree attitude that white living represents is boldly declared by the lack of hiding places. Minimalistic niches are built into the wall to stow away objects, and beautiful thick shelves hold dishes and ornaments.

This contemporary interior differs from the traditionally modern view of white design. Instead of hard edges and fluorescent brilliance, this home makes the best of soft textures and serene naturally diffused light. Classic comfort and a sense of history are created by rich, traditional ornamentation used only sparingly.

The Private White House itself is truly a work of art and stands alone as a piece worthy of admiration.

via: yatzer

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