Radon Detection Tips for the Modern Home

Radon Detection Tips for the Modern Home

by LWW on May 20, 2013

Modern living is all about living well and that means living in good health in addition to good style. Homeowners concerned about air quality put a lot of time and thought into choosing the safest paints, cleaning products, air filters and accessories, but one health threat often goes unnoticed until the point of sale.

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the ground and enters properties through the basement or crawlspace. The bad news is that long-term exposure to radon increases the risk of lung cancer. The good news is that detecting the presence of radon gas is extremely easy – and if the test results show dangerously elevated levels, the problem is super simple to fix.

Detect Early, Live Better

You can always check local radon maps to see if you live in a high-risk area but please be aware that maps cannot give the entire story, they can only show predicted levels as opposed to actual radon levels. Elevated radon levels can strike anywhere at any time. These maps are often available through state and government agencies, but UK residents can gain instant insight by requesting a Radon Map by PropertEco.

Professional quality detection is the only way to know for sure. You can measure the actual levels of radon with an inexpensive detector system for the home. You could obtain a quick reading with short-term screening detectors (often used before selling a home) or you can invest in a real time radon monitor with an alarm, a powerful way to obtain peace of mind.

What happens if your detection efforts reveal dangerous levels of radon? The solution is often simple. A radon mitigation firm can run a PVC pipe through the home, collecting the gasses from the soil beneath and expelling it out an exhaust port through the roof. Another solution is to use positive pressurization to prevent gasses from leaking inside. PropertEco offer Radon Sump and pressurization options for all types of foundations.

You put a lot of loving effort into your home to make it healthy and sustainable and radon detection is just one small part of the process. Early detection saves lives and that’s modern design we can get behind.

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