Small White Bathrooms with Big Features

Small White Bathrooms with Big Features

by LWW on July 31, 2012

White is the perfect choice for small bathrooms – it lets the light filter in, bouncing off the bright clean surfaces, making the space feel larger from the inside. The one complaint we hear most often is how “boring” an all-white bathroom can be. After all, a small bathroom leaves little room for decor, which can be a devastating blow to a white palette.

But is the “boring” claim really justified? We don’t think so! We think small white bathrooms can reach their full potential by utilizing great big features.

Some of these big features are large in a literal sense. We really like the look of corner baths, and though they do not save any actual square footage, they do make the most efficient use of bathtub space. Perhaps the best thing about the corner tub is the elimination of shadows, an important part of achieving that gleaming white bathroom look so often found in design magazines. They provide the luxurious touch that many small bathrooms seem to lack.

You can also take advantage of small bathroom suites with big personality – we really like the look of low-profile toilets, especially because most people spend most of their time dreaming of ways to draw attention away from this particular feature anyways. The compact models have the benefit of an updated look, so your toilet can become part of the design and not a detractor.

Now that you have a corner tub and a streamlined bathroom suite on your mind, it’s time to mix up your bathroom with something fabulous. Small white bathrooms are the perfect candidate for vintage bathroom vanity units. Old-school washstand sinks are our favorite because the open bottom allows space for storage, creates a nice light look, and you can always find decorative wood or porcelain washstands just waiting for a white design makeover.

Is your small white bathroom begging for some character? Think big!

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