Spectacular Sotogrande Vacation House in Spain!

by Asia on April 22, 2010

Sotogrande Vacation House in Spain

The Sotogrande House is most definitely not your typical Spanish home! The architecture and design of this white vacation house truly sets itself apart. White plays the leading role throughout the spectacular interior which elevates each space and offers both play and contemplation. The drops of color here and there add charm and personality to the white interior. Once you get outdoors, the grand white architecture continues as the main attraction, where some greens and blues complement the great abode.

I simply adore the oversized organic mirror displayed in the entrance where the vibrant flowers and orchids add a nice burst of energy. The rooftop takes lounging to a whole other level! The marble stairs are dreamy! There are simply so many magical touches to enjoy throughout. I’m really lovin’ the use of different shapes and lines in both the exterior and interior. Classic design is abundant in the furniture choices. Going white leather on apair of iconic Eames chairs is not only bold but a clear indication that there’s a profound love for white governing this home.

I wish there were more images to enjoy so I could explore every hidden corner! Sotogrande is designed by A-cero Architectural Studio as a two floor single family vacation getaway. This is definitely one of our favorite LWW featured homes EVER!

More info on A-cero Architectural Studio. Via CoolBoom.

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