St-Knut’s Square Apartment – Sweden

St-Knut’s Square Apartment - Sweden

by LWW on May 5, 2011

This modern apartment on St. Knut’s Square in Malmo is filled with so many gleaming white surfaces that we just can’t help but smile.

At the bottom of the main staircase is a charming room which functions as a major hub of communication between living spaces. Simple white interior, but playfully decorated – a statue of a bipedal feline guards the landing, illuminated by a very floral pendant chandelier.

A wide arch doorway allows entry into a casually decorated entertainment room, furnished with sleek leather and clad with textiles in fiery colors. Across the hallway/hub is the open kitchen and dining room area. Soft, natural wood tones maintain a very traditional look, but the retro pendant hanging above the table is a stylish surprise.

Our favorite part of this stunning white design home is the mini-loft situated above the exposed rough wooden beams of the nearly double-height creative den in the upper half of the apartment. The stairs look a little tricky, but the view would be fabulous!

The St-Knut’s Square Apartment is a unique white interior decor inspiration – no doubt about it!

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