Terrorist White Teapot

Terrorist White Teapot

by LWW on December 22, 2010

The terrorist teapot is not as threatening as it looks, but it is sure to start conversations! Nobody will forget the time they had tea with a masked thug, which actually happened to be a harmless porcelain teapot with a neat balaclava cozy.

If you love this little modern teapot but have reservations about serving up a mugger to your grandmother then you’ll be glad to know that without the cozy it remains nothing but a simple white teapot adorned with only two squinty eyes that make for a pot with real personality. It was designed by Jackie Piper to flawlessly accent almost any white table décor scheme meaning this kettle is not only limited to the kitchen!

The Terrorist White Teapot makes a very prominent table guest, polarizing and fascinating its beholders while still providing perfectly charming functionality.

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