The Beautiful Burano Condominiums Toronto

The Beautiful Burano Condominiums Toronto

by LWW on December 8, 2011

The beautiful white design of the Burano Condominiums Toronto can be credited to Munge Leunge Architects – the very same talented firm responsible for the breathtaking interior concepts of the Riverhouse at the Old Mill and North York’s Treviso II.

The exquisite modern design of the interior is inspired by the colorful island of Burano, Italy – palettes will be based on the island’s colorful homes, intricate latticework elements represent delicate Burano lace, and even the name conjures an instant image of the incredible island. Although decor elements are based on rich European tradition, the condominiums are still in the heart of Toronto with access to the city’s cultural capital.

The Burano Condominiums Toronto is scheduled for completion sometime in 2012; we can’t wait to see the finished product!

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