The Charming House Hotel Galatasaray in Istanbul

The Charming House Hotel Galatasaray in Istanbul

by LWW on June 29, 2012

You would never guess this 1890s building once housed many generations of renters and even spent a great deal of time sitting vacant.

The extensive two year renovation by Autoban gave the House Hotel Galatsaray new life, retaining only a handful of original features for historical value: the marble staircase and intricate tile floors are a couple of good examples.

The modern interior design is striking – so fresh and light. Common areas feature breathtaking geometric ornamentation, such as the glass reception desk and innovative hexagonal ceiling panels with brilliant depth and shadow.

The chandeliers used throughout are very similar to the elegant and accessible Zenovitch Chandelier designed by Autoban.

The paneled walls and high ceilings help the white design breathe while darker parquet floors create a sense of grounded warmth. Above every bed is a beautiful ceiling medallion, a nice detail that anyone can pull off at home.

We love the laid-back yet refined attitude of the House Hotel Galatsaray – it seems like a nice relaxing place to retreat after a day on the town in Istanbul’s bustling Beyoğlu district.

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