The Classic Him and Her Chairs from Casamania

The Classic Him and Her Chairs from Casamania

by LWW on February 27, 2012

You will either love them or hate them – the Panton-inspired Him and Her Chairs by Fabio November for Casamania.

These designer chairs take the form of the beautiful human body, an unusual but thought provoking piece of functional art. We at LWW prefer the white chairs, of course, but black and red are among the other choices that a potential customer would have.

We think these chairs would look great in the right setting, probably a daring commercial setting – however, they would look like normal chairs when backed in to a corner so you could use them at home and wouldn’t have to hide them when great grandma comes to visit.

What do you think? Are these seats too risqué, or are they totally your thing? Use the form below to comment on the eye-catching Him and Her Chairs – with such a unique design there is plenty of room for opinion.

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