The Famous Droog White Interior

The Famous Droog White Interior

by LWW on February 4, 2011

The white interior design of Renny Ramakers beautiful Amsterdam home flawlessly utilizes every inch of this astounding light-flooded expanse of space. Silver poles and beams are the only hint at this building’s age, giving a classic touch to this otherwise contemporary space.

Book lined shelves are a recurring theme giving the impression that this home just happens to be built inside of a library. Numerous shelves enclose a small interior kitchen that interrupts pale hardwood with a funky bright green floor, tinting stainless steel cupboards and appliances with its reflection.

The expansive living area playfully contrasts abundant white space with a cleverly placed bright orange upholstered chair. Colorful green tiles adorn window spaces, seeming to reflect the lush plants outdoors. The dining room consists of an understated solid wood dining table, but the nearby hearth makes a bold statement of modern sensibility by displaying the fireplace and firewood in an exceptionally unique way- attractively simple without the need for accessory.

Judicious use of creative design was applied to this contemporary space in order to keep the clean white designer interior from becoming overwhelming. Homey objects are scattered about on the numerous surface areas creating a sense of life without being cluttered.

We love how the furniture displays minimalistic tendencies though the rest of this White Interior is well accessorized with eye catching art, unique objects, and some original Droog designs.

via: OWI

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