The incredible and Unique Nuke Table Lamp

The incredible and Unique Nuke Table Lamp

by LWW on October 17, 2011

Have you ever seen anything quite like this creative, unique lighting solution? As far as we know, this creation is one of a kind – we have never seen anything even remotely similar to the Nuke Table Lamp before, and raw beauty like this just goes to show that modern design will always find fresh new ways to blow our minds!

Created by Italian artist Luca Veneri (veneridesign on Etsy) using a fascinating 3D printing technique, this ethereal lamp has an airy, weightless quality that will capture the attention your guests and visitors. This billowy mushroom cloud represents a terrifying subject through a beautiful and soothing form – this fascinating contradiction allows the viewer to interact with the piece on a highly intellectual and emotional level.

The Nuke Table Lamp is just incredible – on a symbolic, a physical, and a practical level.

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