The Inman Company’s New Office in Michigan

The Inman Company’s New Office in Michigan

by LWW on April 14, 2011

A white interior with plenty of shiny silver details is a match made in heaven, and the new office of the Inman Company definitely does the paring justice.

In fact, this beautiful example of white design looks more like a stylish home than it does an office, making for a comfortable working atmosphere for the interior designers who work there. Clean walls and uncluttered surfaces are punctuated by splendid textural details, like the bold marble-topped table and classically decorated floor-to-ceiling shelves in the cozy conference room.

Tidy cubicles are topped with sensible overhead storage, equipped with the same chrome and white chairs as in the conference area. Even the kitchen displays the same compact, functional modern interior design: small pendants cast light over simple countertops, decorated only with streamlined steel handles.

We believe The Inman Company’s New Office must be absolutely fitting for the creative minds that work and dream inside.

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