The Intricate EA House by Barbosa e Guimaraes

The Intricate EA House by Barbosa e Guimaraes

by LWW on July 21, 2011

From the outside, the EA House by Barbosa Guimaraes Architects boasts its nineteenth century roots with grace – but tucked away inside the granite and plaster is a surprisingly refreshing contemporary space furnished with all the luxuries of a modern home and bathed with exciting artistic detail.

The spacious white interior is defined by charming pops of character and color, the perfect example being an enviable wall-to-wall bookshelf in the main stairwell. The first floor hides sensible bedrooms for the children, but the second floor is home to the fabulously designed family rooms laid out on an open floor plan. The red-carpeted dining room is spectacularly innovative – the wood floor continues up the end wall and features a hideable mirror-backed nook to display attractive tableware in style.

Near the intimate dining area is a comfy space to read books (presumably from the amazing Rainaldi-esque bookshelf – love it!) while kicking back in plush leather Le Corbusier chairs. A simple living room lurks around the corner, decorated with wine bottles and, yes, even more books!

Did we mention that the lucky residents of the EA House are designers themselves? This home is absolutely fitting for a creative couple – it is beautiful now, but imagine how it will evolve over the years with a designer duo behind the wheel!

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