The Paddington X2 House

The Paddington X2 House

by LWW on April 28, 2011

The Paddington X2 House is the result of something much bigger than the average restoration project! MCK Architects were given the job of creating this stunning contemporary space within the extremely strict rules of one of Australia’s best preserved heritage conservation areas – the distinctive finished project simply could not have come together under any other circumstances.

Two Paddington terraces have been expertly combined to form one large, bright family home while retaining the original façade. Spectacular pendant lamps coordinate with the rooms in which they have been placed, illuminating areas that may not be touched by the generous windows and skylights. Tables, chairs, and stools all show their beauty through shape and form rather than pattern or color – natural wood grains provide depth to fill in the extra space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere within the white modern interior.

We can definitely appreciate the contrast between the clean white interior and the richly preserved exterior of The Paddington X2 House – truly the best of both worlds.

via: habitus Living

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