The Pristine Suntro House

The Pristine Suntro House

by LWW on December 29, 2011

It’s almost too perfect – the Suntro House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza is a pristine place of relaxation and simplicity. There isn’t much to distract from the minimalist modern design: furnishings are uncomplicated, artwork is subtle, and vivid colors are restricted to thoughtfully placed accents.

We think that concrete floors are one of the most innovative white design solutions – concrete adds contrast, provides an opportunity to enrich the home with texture, and offers a nicely complementary canvas for white furniture. This house definitely takes advantage of these benefits, using the concrete as a way of breaking up the white furniture and matching walls without taking away from the monochromatic theme.

Let’s hear your opinions: is it too spare to bare, or is it just the clean retreat that your eyes needed? What do you think about the simple styling of the Suntro House?

via: archdaily

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