The Spectacular Openhouse in California

The Spectacular Openhouse in California

by LWW on January 12, 2012

Does this sprawling abode look familiar? If you’re a fan of Ashton Kutcher, you just might recognize this as the sprawling L.A. abode featured in the movie “Spread”, and we think this brilliant modern design looks a whole lot better without the set furnishings.

XTEN Architecture originally created Openhouse for fashion designer Randolph Duke, who instantly recognized the value of the city view the moment he stepped foot on the lot. XTEN designed the home with a primary emphasis on parties and photo shoots – in spite of the pristine white interior, natural touches like the stacked-stone fireplace and rough wooden tables still add an element of comfort that anyone can envy.

Glass sliding windows are rarely practical, but this home breaks the mold. The bathroom is a wonderful example – lush xeriscaping adds a layer of privacy to this intimate area, where residents can lounge in the minimalistic tub and soak up the view.

The spectacular Openhouse is more than just a hip retreat in the hills; it is a reminder that dream homes don’t always have beachfront views.

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