Thin Office in Singapore

Thin Office in Singapore

by LWW on March 24, 2011

The Thin Office by Studio SKLIM takes a long, narrow area and transforms it into a space for great big ideas. An open, split level floor plan allows for the flow of both bodies and communication – clean white furniture is grouped into several distinct segments offering the most sensible use of space.

These groupings are each assigned a specific purpose: the twist platform hosts a semi-private meeting table surrounded by Eames chairs, a welcome mat with playful round cushions, a “recharging point” for food and beverage, a raised work top, multi-media corner, discussion table with wonderful, unique low-backed chairs, sanitary & storage, and wonderfully storage-smart “boss boxes”.

Modern design meets industrial utility when it comes to lighting – except for the monumental fixture overhanging the twist platform, bathing it in a warm and comfortable glow. It is amazing to see how a white office design as minimal as the Thin Office still contains everything necessary to fill the needs of both an IT company and a multimedia setup!

via: SpaceInvading

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