Tiles and Accessories for a Practical Minimalist Kitchen

Tiles and Accessories for a Practical Minimalist Kitchen

by LWW on November 27, 2012

Subway tiles have been making kitchens pop for decades but they’re still a staple of modern kitchen design – they didn’t have to make a comeback because they never went out of style! We love the fresh, clean look of subway tiles flat or beveled, dark grout or light.

Ever-relevant subway tiles can do so much for a white kitchen, you can let them take center stage or dress them down to let your accessories shine. They’re great with stainless steel, powder-coated appliances, and the entire spectrum of countertops from granite to wood.

White subway tiles aren’t showoffs. They’re great for the minimalist kitchen especially if you’re comfortable with bright white grout too. Recently these tiles have crept beyond the backsplash and are gracing walls from floor to countertop to ceiling – so bright and refreshing, perfect with flat tiles and a medium gloss.

Of course, streamlined subway tiles definitely don’t have to be minimalist. You can make them feel more “your own” by breaking up the expanse of tile with a variation on color or texture, like ornamental trim tiles or a standout stripe. We really like big wide stripes made from tiny miniature-sized metro tiles, perhaps in multiple colors or maybe even rocking a metallic sheen. There are just so many options to consider, there will always be too many ideas to consider them all.

Does your inspiration journal need something that adds an element of innovation? We’ve peeked at a few examples where skilled DIY interior designers have actually hooked their white kitchens up with herringbone subway tiles. Can you imagine? It would be so hard to do yourself but we bet the pros can handle these installations for those of us who don’t have the tools.

We told you what we think about classic subway/metro tiles – we want to know what you think about them. Do you have any kitchen tiles in your current idea-book?

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