Truffles White Serving Dish

Truffles White Serving Dish

by LWW on December 2, 2010

We absolutely love the exploding trend of presenting food in a fitted serving dish. Maybe it’s the convenience of safely transporting round fruits that like to roll right off the platter or it could be that we like fresh modern interpretations of the traditional ceramic dish. But it’s probably because they just look so sleek and eye-catching all the way from the kitchen to the entertaining table!

The truffles serving plate was designed by Hadass Ella, whose love for sweet confections prompted the inspiration to create dishes that act as pedestals to desserts of all kinds. This particular white dish is glossy and ceramic with perfectly smooth dimples that can hold chocolates, small fruits, or any other number of bite-sized delicacies.

It seems that the Truffles White Serving Plate provides the exact function Ella intended- to combine contemporary aesthetics with a very symbolic representation of the admiration that each morsel of sustaining nourishment deserves.

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