Unforgettable Grace Santorini Hotel in Greece

Unforgettable Grace Santorini Hotel in Greece

by LWW on September 29, 2011

The Grace Santorini Hotel looks like one of those hotels that you never want to leave! A partnership between Divercity Architects and mplusm Architects resulted in this fabulously unique vacation retreat – terraces are carved into the side of a 300-meter-high volcano, providing an extreme cliff-face panoramic view of the expansive sea and islands.

The contextual modern design of the interior compliments the outstanding outside view – living areas are colorful and diverse, featuring furniture and lights by prominent (but not overused) designers like Gervasoni and Brand van Egmond, and more well-known names like Vitra are given plenty of attention as well.

Color, pattern, water, rock, and white design have never worked together so beautifully as they do in the outstanding Grace Santorini Hotel.

via: Stylepark

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