White Bathroom Essentials from

White Bathroom Essentials from

by LWW on February 2, 2012

No color beats white when it comes to the sensible contemporary bathroom. Working with white cuts through complicated color theory and, strangely enough, actually opens the door to more design possibilities despite the perceived simplicity of the palette. White makes for a bright and easy to clean space, with plenty of room to expand with accent colors if so desired.

However much we love to tout our favorite interior color, the real charm of white design is in the details. Beautiful bathrooms arise out of quality ingredients – and when you need the ingredients of an inviting space, has all of the essentials covered.

Bathroom Upgrades on the Horizon?

We love when a retailer embraces the modernity of white. has an awesome selection of white bathroom essentials all in one place, and none of it is outdated; the designs are all very contemporary, definitely nothing that you would find in your grandmother’s bathroom (unless your grandmother has fantastic taste).

For those who want a quick and simple transformation, check out the incredible range of bathroom suites online – these stylish sets ensure that your palette of white will never clash.

Alternatively, you might feel a calling to create your own custom look in which case has a huge selection of fixtures, plumbing, hardware, and bathroom furniture for a top-to-bottom redesign.

We highly recommend for everything from inspiration to implementation – this site features a wide selection of high quality bathroom essentials, accompanied by brilliant photos and full descriptions to cut out any guesswork. is one of those websites that make easy work out of big design projects – the navigation is simple, the products are beautiful, and the customer service team is always willing to help you find the pieces you need to complete your gorgeous white bathroom.

What do you think? Do you ever use resources like to get your comparison-shopping or idea gathering done? Stop by the comment section below and let us know how you do white design – we always appreciate your comments.

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