White Interior Echo House by Kariouk Associates

by LWW on June 25, 2010

White Interior Echo House by Kariouk Associates

Turning a 1924 Victorian box home into a free flowing family space while still maintaining privacy for specific rooms was a challenge that Kariouk Associates triumphed over when designing the Echo House. A fabulous white interior space that respects the bones of the original house without sacrificing the owner’s need for more usable space.

They took down walls, opened up the ceiling, and created on open floor plan on the main floor with windows that open to the front and back for clear views and the visual illusion of more space. They constructed an office space and a den on the second level by creating a “vertical loft,” with each of the rooms appearing to float freely above the ground floor. Each room is an independent unit, but partial walls allow you to see to the floor below and give clear access to large windows, flooding each area with natural light. The master bedroom is a distinct cube cantilevered out over the entryway and surrounded by walls of windows.

We love the way the den, office and library spaces resemble building blocks hovering within the framework of the house. The white cubes and walls ensure a light, expansive feel in this deceptively small home.

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