White Paper Star Urchin Ornament

White Paper Star Urchin Ornament

by LWW on December 6, 2010

This paper star urchin ornament has everything the modern Christmas tree needs: variety, bold style, and a little bit of Polish attitude! All this and more is contained in the 80 hand-formed white matte cones, each one giving this paper ornament a fragile look despite it’s sturdy heavyweight construction.

Besides the perfect use as a decorative Christmas tree ornament, this piece would work great at a contemporary wedding or grouped together in the home. This simple star ornament expresses its creative inspiration through a distinct form which brings to mind anything from dandelion puffs to exploding fireworks.

The White Star Urchin Ornament has been a trade secret of the artist’s family for over 50 years proving the amount of love and craftsmanship that goes into each production.

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