White Polar Bear Glass Ornament

White Polar Bear Glass Ornament

by LWW on December 16, 2010

Nothing brings in the snowy season like nature’s most beautiful white bear.

True artistry and reverence the power of nature are two qualities that make this polar bear glass ornament far from ordinary.

Phyllis Clarke has always enjoyed the grandeur of animals and the elegant forms they create. To solidify her curiosity and love for the natural world she designed a series of glass Christmas ornament animals that showcase the beauty of natures finest. Clarke managed to stunningly capture the spirit of the majestic polar bear in this simple Christmas tree ornament with the tasteful use of soft calming white and bold characteristic lines, expressive without overwhelming the eye with details.

It’s amazing how a polar bear ornament with such minimal design can still feel so alive.

The White Polar Bear Glass Ornament is a design that is adaptable from the extravagant to the elegant.

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