White Wardrobes for Every Taste from Barker & Stonehouse

White Wardrobes for Every Taste from Barker & Stonehouse

by LWW on November 29, 2012

The perfect wardrobe is out there – the hard part is finding it. We have to hand it to Barker & Stonehouse for making the search an absolute pleasure, involving a frankly impressive variety of white wardrobes that seem to exude versatility. Modular features and customization-friendly design make their selection a valuable resource for interior designers.

Our Favorite White Wardrobe Flavors

When we said that Barker & Stonehouse has a wardrobe for every style, we meant it. Consider the simple Ornans model, with simple lines and just a touch of ornamentation that could make any cottage-chic bedroom shine.

The Carrington is a great contrast to the Ornans, with just a hint of natural wood along the top to create a sense of sharpness and completeness. It has personality in the true modern design sense by leaving out any superficial decoration – leaving just the clean, beautiful form behind.

We have favorites on the total opposite end of the spectrum, too. Minimalist modern wardrobes are difficult to source but they’re everywhere in design magazines. Luckily, they’re also everywhere at Barker & Stonehouse. The Kick sliding door wardrobe and ultra-simplistic Trio are great examples.

The Quadra is variation on this popular theme, with modular panels giving you the flexibility to add colorful detail to the entirely minimalist body with options that include brushed aluminum, chestnut, wenge, and even mirrors.

Designed in the same spirit as the Quadra, the Juwel wardrobe sets itself apart by taking a healthy middle ground between minimalism and bold visual appeal. The creamy glass application is a clever way to integrate soft white design with strong horizontal wood grain. Modular designs always make for a functional wardrobe and this one serves a strong aesthetic function, too.

We’re huge fans of these white wardrobes and we hope our little walkthrough gave you some ideas to kick-start your search. Do you have any particular favorites when it comes to modern wardrobe styles?

Browse the awesome collection at Barker & Stonehouse!

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