White Winter Wears: Going Vintage for the Holidays

White Winter Wears: Going Vintage for the Holidays

by LWW on December 22, 2012

The holidays are coming up and if you’re travelling to be with friends and family there isn’t much point in decking the halls of your own home. We’re going to focus on bringing holiday-inspired white design to your wardrobe with the perfect winter party dresses available on Etsy.

This winter, vintage is in. Modern design is a revolving door and every few decades old totally becomes new again. The 1950s is an especially popular era for party dresses this season – expect to see lots of gingham prints and dirndl cuts paired with warm accessories. We really like the idea of going with white or even a nice vintage off-white and letting the accessories speak for themselves.

Vintage Fashion Shopping Tips Regarding White Clothing

When shopping for white dresses, look for sellers who are open about flaws that may need repair. White dresses often accumulate little stains over the years but if you read the description carefully, you might find that a certain spot is easy to cover with a vintage belt or by raising the hem.

A little sewing knowledge can go a long way. Vintage goodies are often missing buttons or have worn seams but a needle and thread can fix most problems. It’s also a good idea to update ornate buttons to modern styles so that you can “go vintage” without sacrificing your contemporary sensibilities.

Of course, there is always the option of skipping real vintage altogether and opting for today’s arguably more comfortable vintage-inspired wears.

With vintage fashions going back in vogue, old-timey stuff is everywhere. Plus-size clothing is notoriously difficult to find secondhand so if you’re looking for women’s clothing in larger sizes, check out sites like Curvissa (which has plenty of vintage-inspired dress cuts) and compliment the new party dress with your favorite real vintage accessories.

Speaking of sizes, skip the numbered sizing info and search for measurements instead. Yesterday’s size 12 might be a modern 6 or 7 – the fashion industry is always in motion. Some sellers are also not very good at dating dresses, so relax your search if you want a party dress from a specific era. Color terminology is also a problem. Try “cream” or even “tan” instead of “off-white” to see what you find.

Good luck in finding the perfect white party dress! Let us know what you’re planning to wear – we love interior design but fashion is just as fun.

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