Zenden White Hotel in Beautiful Netherlands

by LWW on July 5, 2010

Zenden White Hotel in Beautiful Netherlands

Occasionally you walk through a standard door and enter a surprising design treasure. You’ll have this experience when you enter to Zenden White Hotel in the Netherlands. Recently renovated, the Zenden uses white spaces throughout the common areas, the pool, and in the new guest rooms. Walls were removed, ceilings raised, and the entire interior restructured to improve the flow from one area to the other while maximize the use of light and shadow. You’ll find unexpected views and soaring expanses of white in every room.

The white walls and vaulted ceiling deepen the brilliant blue of the swimming pool, giving it a timeless feel that submerges you in relaxation. While relaxing in the lobby, you’ll catch a glimpse of a red Japanese maple on the patio, evidence that the designers put as much thought into the landscaping as they did the architecture.

The white rooms are a revelation of good design, with showers, vanities and closet space clustered together in cubes to maximize room size. Floating shelves, television screens hidden behind glass, and wall mounted night stands all keep the room pared down to the essentials. Beds, chairs and ottomans in sober shades of maroon and gray give the white rooms depth and sophistication.

Zenden, see more of this Modern White Hotel.

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